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15 Year Special Rate

There’s a faster way to pay off your mortgage

15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Special

Rate 3.125% 3.166% APR*

We make it easy for homeowners to refinance at today’s low rates! With a Refinance Mortgage from Stoughton Co‑Operative Bank, you may be able to:

• Pay off your mortgage in less time

• Shorten your term & save on interest

• Lower your payments & manage expenses

• Save with no points & no closing costs**

Don’t wait! Apply Today.

 Additional terms-Rate is effective 9/18/2017 and rate, fees and terms are subject to change without notice. Based upon a loan amount of $180,000 and a loan-to-value of 80% and a 3.125% interest rate, the *Annual Percentage Rate is 3.166%. The payment schedule would be 180 payments of $1,253.90 per month. Payment amounts do not include taxes and insurance. The actual payment obligation may be greater. Rates are available for a refinance of a 1-4 family, owner occupied, primary residence for loan amounts up to $417,000. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is required on residential mortgages with greater than 80% loan to value. All loans are subject to credit and underwriting approval. Additional terms and programs may be available.

**Closing costs include the cost of the credit report, appraisal, flood certificate, tax service, lender’s title insurance, deed prepared by a Stoughton Co-Operative Bank’s attorney, recording and most legal fees associated with the closing. Borrower is responsible for certain closing costs, if applicable, such as prepaid interest, initial deposits for escrow, real estate taxes, homeowners insurance, homeowners association charges, private mortgage insurance, trust review, owner’s title insurance, power of attorney, discharge fees (if greater than 1), subordination and homestead fees. A credit report, flood certification and appraisal fee is required and will be credited at the closing. If an application is denied or withdrawn, these fees are not refundable.

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