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First Time Homebuyer

 $11,000 Downpayment and Closing Cost Grant* Funds available

 Stoughton Co-Operative Bank has received approval to offer the Federal Home Loan Bank's Equity Builder Program (EBP) grants for eligible First Time Home Buyers. The grants are part of a New England wide grant program.

 Grant funds are awarded to applicants in increments of up to $11,000 on a first-come, first-serve, home-buyer by home-buyer basis; EBP funds are not guaranteed or reserved in advance.  This is a limited time program.

 Annual Household Income Limits for the following Metro Areas as determined by HUD are as follows:

                                                                 HOUSEHOLD SIZE

2018 Income Limits                    1-person               2-person               3-person               4-person        

Norfolk County**                           $56,800                 $64,900                 $73,000                 $81,100

Brockton Metro Area***                $47,150                 $53,850                 $60,600                 $67,300

Easton & Raynham                      $50,350                 $57,550                 $64,750                 $71,900

 Steps to Apply for Grant through Stoughton Co-Operative Bank.

  • Get pre-qualified for the program 
  • Find a property and sign Purchase and Sales Agreement.
  • Complete a mortgage application with Stougton Co-Operative Bank. 
  • Complete a borrower affidavit and worksheet along with providing income documentation.
  • We will then request a reservation of funds for you.

 *Additional Requirements/Restrictions apply (contact us for details)

**   Includes Canton, Sharon and Stoughton 

*** Includes: Avon, Brockton

All loans are subject to credit and underwriting approval. 

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Senior Loan Officer
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Fax: (781) 341-4530
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